>Fleshy Stone Fruit


The Mighty Mango fruit is sitting all ready in the market. Tad expensive to begin with but worth every paise of the value. 
 In the context of using ripe Mango as an ingredient in a recipe, we are used to create the famous aam ras (Mango shake), Mango Sheera, Ice-creams etc. I learnt a few variations with mango from the European cuisine which I dared to attempt.
Even the middle eastern folks use the fruit with a few other mediterranean ingredients to create some exotic dishes.

Mango Salsa
Although I call it salsa, it is more of a salad.
1 ripe Mango cut in small cubes
1 Red Chilly Pepper (Do not use the Indian red chilly, use Bell pepper as an option)
1/4 tspn black pepper
1/2 tspn lime juice
few fresh mint sprigs

1) Combine all ingredients and serve immediately.
2) Serve it with Wraps, Pita bread or as a side dish with Pastas.


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  1. its looking yummy

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