Pancakes with marshmallow cream sauce and hazelnut paste

I love pancakes a lot and associate it with my childhood and rains. Although, what mom made as pancakes was a little different then the actual recipe mentioned below. She used whole wheat flour and never used any leavening or eggs. That means her recipe was not pancakes 🙂
Anyway, this will be my recipe for BM#7 Day 2.

1 cup All purpose flour
1 pinch of baking powder
1 egg
Milk as required – about ¾ cup
1 pinch of salt
2tbsp sugar
Butter for frying
Milk- I used the cream (malai) only
1 tspn of hazelnut chocolate paste (Use Nutella)
1)      Mix the pancake ingredients to get a dosa like batter.
2)      On a non stick pan, add butter and let it foam. Add the dollops of batter and let it cook well tossing on both sides. Ensure that the pancakes are very well cooked and crispy. This will melt the cream and sauce when you top it while serving.
3)      In another pan, melt the marshmallows on medium heat. Add the milk/cream to make a sauce like consistency.
4)      Serve hot with sauce and hazelnut paste topping.
My toddler ate 3 small pancakes which by his standards is huge

7 responses to “Pancakes with marshmallow cream sauce and hazelnut paste

  1. I love pancakes..good that your lil one liked it..:)

  2. Nice combinations. And even better that your kid loved it!!

  3. nice combo and very innovative

  4. Pancakes look so tasty..

  5. My kids used to love pancakes but no great deamnd these days, though I like to make the eggless versions 🙂

  6. Wow .. interesting combination. Only hubby and I are pancake eaters .. kids no no 😦

    Event: Fast food not Fat food

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