Noodle Pakoda

So dear hubby asked ,5 years back when I first made it, why would someone make a pakoda out of noodles (instant noodles-Maggi types)
Ans1- When you have leftover maggi noodles. DH says that never happens in real world
Ans2- When you are bored of plain instant noodles. DH says you dont have to cook them if you are bored of eating it (if at all)
Ans3- When you want something instant. DH says the noodles are instant anyway, y delay eating them any further when they are cooked.

I stopped answering and made these delicious pakodas. He has since then never complained or asked me the reason to make these.

1 packet instant noodles (I made them with all kinds but always prefer Maggi)
1 medium onion
Oil for frying

Method (Yes, thats all)
1) Make instant noodles as per the directions on the packet
2) Let it cool down completely and then add the finely chopped onion.
3) Heat oil in a pan until it is very hot, then reduce the flame.
4) Form small pakodas of the noodle mixture(wet hand if they are not getting formed).
5) Drop them in the oil and let it cook completely on one side and then flip over. Dont rush else they may get detangled.
6) Serve with tomato ketchup.
You can add more seasoning as per taste (salt and red chilly) if you like.
Also, tell me why you made these pakodas when you do make them. I promise that you wont complain once you make them.


9 responses to “Noodle Pakoda

  1. Quite a unique qay of having maggi, I must say!!

  2. creative way of using up maggi noodles 🙂 My kids gobble up the uncooked maggi 🙂 So I rarely get maggi home !

  3. Very innovative….

  4. this looks so delicious

  5. My son loves maggi .. he sure would love this pakoda too.

    Event: Fast food not Fat food

  6. Very interesting recipe..

  7. Very interesting..

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