Nutella Toast

For Day 5, I have decided to make a simple fritter pakoda combination. Simple and tasty.

Bread Slices (wheat/ white)
Nutella (Chocolate paste/ sauce)
Banana slit in circular pieces (use any other fruit of your choice)
2 tbsp All purpose flour
pinch of salt
1) Make a batter of pancake consistency using the flour and water. Add a pinch of salt.
2)Coat the bread slices with the nutella paste.
3)Place the banana slices on it and cover it with another slice (Add the paste to this slice if you like). I did it.
4) Cut diagonally to make 4 triangles.
5) Dip each triangular sandwich in the flour batter and drop in hot oil.
6) Cook until the outside turns crispy (5-6 min).
7) Cut in the centre to release heat and serve to your loved one.
This is a take off on the standard nutelll french toast, but I wanted an eggless option for which I went for the maida batter. You can also use whole wheat batter to make it healthy.


7 responses to “Nutella Toast

  1. oh bread bajji in a different avatar!! cool idea!

  2. Very interesting!..:)

  3. Somewhat sweet surprise to kids, I guess.

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