My first event- CFE

First baby step, first word, first day at school, college, job, first day driving a car, first air travel, first time baby calling ma, first baked cake – well ha, which one of the above does not sound exciting. I am feeling the same now, when I am about to announce my first event. I am really excited to announce the first ever Converted Foods event (CFE) # 1 that will run on my blog right up to ananth chaturdashi (11th September 2011).
The inspiration for the events are ofcourse 1) you wonderful bloggers and 2) my hunt to find converted recipes.
Converted recipes, as I address them are the popular non-vegetarian dishes that are cooked without using any non vegetarian ingredients like eggs , fish or meat. The inspirations comes from the fact that during the month of Shraavan and right up to the of Ganesh festival (ananth chaturdashi) most of us avoid eating eggs or fish or meat. Also, for most of the vegetarians it is just fair to give them the taste of some popular meat dishes without pushing them to eat the flesh.
The rules of the event are as mentioned below,
1) Cook a popular dish that you usually associate with meat(beef, pork, chicken, lamb), fish or eggs without using any of the ingredients.
2)  Refrain from simply substituting the flesh or egg with a potato or paneer. Try to find a closest match. I am keen on replicating the taste and flavor.
3) You can use an archived post, but please re-post it by following the instructions mentioned further
4) Link the post to this announcement page.
5)Mail me the following, with subject – CFE at pumpkinfarmfood(at)gmail(dot)com
a. Name of the recipe (original and replaced) – E.g. Chicken Chettinad to be Soya Tikki Chettinad
b. Post URL
c. Blog Name and URL
d. Your Name
e. Inspiration to use the substitute (optional)- If you do send this, I will include it as a small write up in the round up event.
f. Picture – Size should be less than 300Kb
     6) Add the logo (optional) to spread the word.
Some popular dishes that I wish to see a replacement for
         Prawns Xacutti

         Chicken 65
Buffalo Wings (It requires chicken wings really)
         Bombil Fry (Bombay duck fish deep fried)
Fish and Chips
Mutton Sukhe (dry)
Suggestive replacements
  Egg – Paneer, Cheese
  Chicken – Paneer for the flavor, Tofu / Soya for the texture, Button Mushrooms
  Mutton – Soya chunks for the chew. Lentil (Masoor) broth for the flavor
  Fish – For fries, brinjal, suran(yam), for gravies – Okra (bhindi)
  Prawn – Macaroni for the chew
  Fish gravy- for flavor lemon grass, galangal added to coconut base
  Chicken Stock – Mixed vegetables (preferred root veggies, bay leaf, ginger,garlic,  peppercorns) stock
Feel free to contact me for more clarifications. Happy converting, get the thinking caps on.

33 responses to “My first event- CFE

  1. Nice event dear. Since I am a vegetarian, I have never tried converting recipes. I will look up the closet substitution and cook something for you :). Happy hosting…

  2. Thanks PJ, I really hope that this event helps us find the best vegetarian substitutes for some popular non veg dishes.

  3. Hey I just posted mushroom risotto, also popularly made with mussels. Would that be as per your rules. Check it here -

  4. Great Event for Vegetarians like us.. Following you now 🙂


  5. interesting will send in some recipes:))

  6. Stumbled upon ur blog.. Nice event. I had posted vegetarian chili during shravan month. I will email you that entry. :o)

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