Tortilla Chips

Munching on chips on a rainy day sitting by the window…the race to last longer is always won by the rain and lost by the chips.

Tortilla chips are so easy to make esepcially if you have the tortillas available handy.Also, who stops us from adding the dips and salsas.

Tortillas (as many your like) cut in sections about 6 per tortilla
Oil to fry
Seasoning( Salt, Red chilly flakes)

1) Heat oil on medium flame until it is just about warm.

2) Drop the tortilla pieces one after the other and let it cook for about 10-15 seconds each. Flip if required.
3) Drain them on a tissue paper and sprinkle with the seasonings.

Serve with your choice of dips or salsas

8 responses to “Tortilla Chips

  1. the chips look crunchy…ya there r many dips …:)…for add ons….

  2. Looks crunchy! I usually bake them.

  3. Looks so crunchy n yum

  4. Crunchy and yummy.. those tortillas look great.

  5. Those chips are very chunchy!..will love with dips..

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