Kalonji Naan

I told you about my love for this new found ingredient – Kalonji. I like the flavor of this so much that I use it only for special occasions now just so that I do not over do the flavor and lose the importance it has found in my kitchen. 

I read somewhere that many places they use kalonji instead of black sesame seeds Naan and Kulchas.

I tried it and loved the outcome.
Ingredients (for 6-8 Naans)
1 cup Wheat flour
1 cup All purpose flour/ Maida
1/2 cup oil
salt to taste 
1 tbsp Nigella Seeds / kalonji
Water as needed
2 tbsp rice flour
1) In a large bowl, mix the flours and salt. 
2) Using water as needed make a soft dough.
3) Now using little oil at a time keep kneading the dough until it soaks up all oil.
4) The dough should stretch out like elastic. This will take about 30 min of kneading time for this size. Use a food processor if required.
5) Let the dough sit for 30 min with a damp cloth covered on top.
6) Roll out small balls of the dough using rice flour
7) Tap off all the rice flour and put some kalonji seeds on the top. Using the rolling pin fix the seeds in the rolled out naan.
8) On a hot griddle roast the naan until it is cooked on both sides (flip only twice to avoid making it stiff).
9) Brush with butter if required.
Serve with your choice of vegetable.


One response to “Kalonji Naan

  1. Woooow………Naans look so delicious……perfectly made.

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