Ravioli in pesto sauce

So if you have been following my posts then you would know that I have recently made and enjoyed home made noodles and pastas. My toddler was eagerly waiting for the dinner when I declared that I am making some kind of pasta.
Ravioli pasta is pasta dough stuffed with some veggie stuffing and cooked the same way as other pastas. It is usually mixed with light sauce.
The outcome was so delicious that hubby dear promptly purchased the pasta machine when he spotted it at the crawford market. 
About the toddler, he asked a funny question, Mom- you promised pasta, why have you made Modaks? 
Well, he did not eat it, which is ok, as for 2.5 years, I am expecting too much from his tiny palette. He will learn ,enjoy and some day encourage my culinary exploits

For Ravioli
2 cups All purpose flour
2 eggs
salt to taste
1 tbsp Olive oil
100 gm Cottage cheese/ paneer
1 bunch of spinach leaves blanched
1 tspn crushed black pepper
For Pesto sauce
2 tbsp roasted pine nuts/ almonds
5-6 fresh sprigs of basil leaves
3-4 garlic cloves
salt to taste
1 cup pasta starch (boiled water used to cook pasta)
1) In a large bowl, take the flour, salt. Add the beaten eggs and make a rough crumbly mixture using a fork or pastry cutter. Do not use hands.
2) Stash the dough in refrigerator for 30 min or more. 
3) In a bowl, crumble the paneer and add chopped blanched spinach , salt and black pepper and mix well.
4) Knead the pasta dough using oil as required to make a soft pliable dough. Roll out sheets and cut in shapes that you prefer. I made all kinds of shapes. 
Roll out circular discs fill the mixture in the centre and top it with another disc and seal very close to the mixture. Ensure there are no air packets.
You can also cut large square and fill the mixture , seal the ends diagonally then bring the other two ends closer.

5) Boil 10 cups of water in a large pan with little salt in it. Start dropping the ready ravioli and pluck them out when they rise to the surface. Prepare all and set aside.

6) Blend all the ingredients for the pesto sauce (except for the pasta starch). 
7) In a sauce pan, add some oil and add the pesto sauce and thin it with the pasta starch. as per your liking.
8)Place the ravioli in individual serving bowls and pour the sauce on the top. Garnish with basil leaves if required.
I served papaya in the same sauce to cut in a sweet flavor which worked as a good combination


2 responses to “Ravioli in pesto sauce

  1. funny comparison to modak.. :o) but nice pesto sauce recipe..

  2. different recipe with different name looks fabulous
    1st time here happy to follow u .do visit and follow

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