Ferrero rocher truffle made at home

I am a huge fan of Ferrero roucher.

The idea of making them home struck me only when I got bored of making regular chocolate truffles. I am not the first one to make it at home so this is not like a revelation. To ensure that I come as close as possible to the original, I went on doing test tasting until I hit the jackpot.
Unfortunately I could not capture the step by step pictures which I am sure would have been helpful but did I say I am not making them again?
There are 3 layers essentially 
A : Hazelnut wrapped in silky smooth but densely chocolate truffle
B : Wafer cover en-capsuling the layer A
C : Chocolate mixed with small bits of crunchy hazelnuts

Ingredients (for 20 pieces)
½ cup chocolate hazelnut paste ( Nutella spread or any)
50 gm dark chocolate
100 gm milk chocolate
½ cup heavy full fat cream
2 tbsp butter
20-25 hazelnuts

1 packet of Ferrero roucher shells /1 packet wafer biscuits (vanilla cream wafers would do)

1)Chop the dark and milk chocolate pieces and keep in a glass bowl.
2)Lightly toast the hazelnuts and remove the skin.
3) In a heavy bottom sauce pan, take the milk cream and scald It. Do not let it boil.
4) Pour this hot cream on the chopped chocolates and gently whisk it until all the chocolate has melted.

5) Divide this portion in 2 halves.
6)  Crush the wafer biscuits and add them to 1 half the melted chocolate and mix well. Or fill one half of the shell with a hazelnut coated with chocolate
7) Put the bowl of 
plain chocolate truffle (without the wafers) in fridge to set for 20 min. 
8) Remove the chocolate truffle from fridge and using 2 spoons make a round small ball. Tactfully place a hazelnut in the centre and using the spoons form a ball. This should be very small. When all are done, put them back in the fridge.
9)Take out the hazelnuts wrapped in chocolate truffle. Using a toothpick, hold each of the piece and drop it gently in the melted chocolate wafer mixture. Heat it gently on double boiler if it becomes difficult to work with.
8) Repeat for all and place them on a butter paper. Place this back in the refrigerator. 
9) Last , mix all the remaining chocolates with the hazelnut pastes (nutella) and gently heat to melt it. 
10) Dip the refrigerated chocolates in this mixture and repeat for all.
You can wrap these in golden foil and serve in mini cup cake liners. I was too impatient to do all that as I knew they would not last more than an hour. I managed to salvage 3 pieces for my mom to get some feel good feedback


17 responses to “Ferrero rocher truffle made at home

  1. Wow awesome Pradnya.

  2. Wow!!!looks so good Pradyna ,,,,,yummy

  3. Omg, Awesome work,feel like grabbing and having some.

  4. good one Pradnya – you seem to be on a trufle roll 🙂

    Sizzling Tastebuds

  5. they look awesome…should try it soon..


  6. I know it sounds repetitive, but it really is – awesome!

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  8. Wow! Nice work. Looks so inviting…

  9. These look awesome.

  10. Wow!!home made Ferrero rocher!!Looks so delicious. Thanks a lot for linking with Midweek Fiesta

  11. They are my favorite too. Have to try them.
    Pradnya do you take pictures at night? Don't know whether you have time in the morning. If possible, try taking pictures outdoors in natural light.

  12. hey Pradnya,
    awesome article. but i have a problem.
    i thought of doing ferrero rocher right away after reading your article, but i am not able to find the waffle shells anywhere. i ahve been searching for it since months.pls let me know if you sell them or from which shop can i buy it from mumbai or pune. pls let me know asap.
    looking forward to your positive response.'
    thanks n regards

  13. Hey Pradnya,
    thanks a lot.keep up the good work. all the best.

  14. Hi Tejas,
    the shells are available at Arief in crawford market n Arief in mulund in mumbai.
    but Prandya I've not been able to retain the crispiness of the wafer….. it gets soft… any ideas how to retain its crispiness.
    Awaiting eagerly for your response please.

  15. Hi Tejas,
    the shells are available at Arief in crawford market n Arief in mulund in mumbai.
    but Prandya I've not been able to retain the crispiness of the wafer….. it gets soft… any ideas how to retain its crispiness.
    Awaiting eagerly for your response please.

  16. Hey Tejas,
    Not sure where you are living, but the shells are avialble at Arife as Poornima said,
    Earlier, I had used crushed wafer biscuits once to make a crispy layer, albeit messy to work with.

    Poornima- Are you storing your wafer shells at temperatures too cold or too warm? The humidity in mumbai can lead to it losing its crispiness. I have never had issues with the fresh shells. Also, make sure you are coating it with melted chocolate only – which contains nothing more than chocolate…Check the shells expiry date if possible. Once done, store them in refrigerator quickly

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