Small Pie-lets with blueberry filling

Making things small in size does not mean that their significance, role or presence gets reduced. However, it allows the flexibility to pick the items in the quantities you wish to use. While I say this , do very well know that it is not applicable for all things. One thing that allows you to make this choice are my little pielets. You can eat 1 at a time.

Ingredients (for 8 pie-lets)
for the dough
2 cups Wheat flour/ All purpose Flour
2 tbsp butter (cold)
chilled water as needed
for the filling

2 cups blue berry filling/ any fruit filling
1 tspn nutmeg powder
2 tbsp melted butter
1) For the dough, cut the butter and rub it in the flour to make a grainy flour texture. 
2) Add the water little a time to make a stiff dough.
3) Put this in refrigerator for 15-20 min.

4) Prepare the filling as instructed here. You can also fill in custard, chopped fruits.

5) Add a pinch of nutmeg powder to the filling and set aside.
6) Preheat the oven at 180c for 5 min.
7) Take the dough and roll 8 large( 6 inches) and 8 small (4 inches) discs.

8) Prepare the muffin or cup cake tray by applying some butter and flour or line it using cup cake liners. 
9)Put the large discs in each section and push them until it sticks to all sides.

10) Spoon the filling in each, fill upto 2/3 rd leaving some space for the filling to rise. while boiling.
11) Using the small disc, cover each pie. You can create basket weaving pattern if you like.
12) Make small holes to puncture the pie and for the steam to escape.
13) Repeat for all. Place the tray in the hot oven for 12-15 min.
13) Serve individually with an icecream or fresh cream


17 responses to “Small Pie-lets with blueberry filling

  1. oooh! very tempting indeed!

  2. so cute and Tempting Pradnya….love it:-)

  3. it looks so delicious and thanks for step by step pic recipe.

  4. These mini ones look so cool…adorable n wat an awsum combination!!

  5. Those cute looking pie tempts me a lot.

  6. delicious!!& it looks so pretty & cute…Thanks for sharing…

  7. they look soooo yum- good things indeed come in small packages

  8. so cute and recipe sounds delicious..Pradnya

  9. cute and yummy dessert. thanks for linking with my event

  10. Pie looks very cute and yummy. Nice dessert.

  11. What a yummy looking dessert! Lovely nice portions!

  12. This looks so cute n delicious…loved it !!

  13. These sound so good and easy to make.I've never made a pie before and am going to debut with this one!

  14. That's a neat one P!..great to make for kids..

  15. Thanks so much for linking your dish to Kid's Delight – Something Sweet. Would love to have more entries from you 🙂

    Kavi (Edible Entertainment)

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