Mug Dhokla/ savory muffin in minutes

Move on from the mug cakes to savory muffins if you crave for a sweet tangy or sour & spicy snack in the evenings. Making dhoklas in microwave is very easy but when you are making in large quantities it is better to follow the instructions provided along with the dishes provided for steaming.

For smaller or individual cups you can easily stick to the recipe below

3 tbsp semolina
1 tspn salt or as per taste
2 tbsp papaya preserve mixed in 1 tbsp water / 2 tbsp curd
½ tspn white sesame seeds
½ tspn sugar (optional if using preserve)
½ tspn citric acid + 
a pinch of baking soda OR Fruit salt
½ tspn crushed black pepper
½ tspn crushed green or red chilli
½ tspn Vegetable oil
1) Mix all ingredients in a bowl.
2) In a fairly large mug, pour the batter (should be cake like or little thinner) Add water if it is not enough fluid
3) Microwave on high for 2 min.

Enjoy with more preserve, curd or chutney of your choice 

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24 responses to “Mug Dhokla/ savory muffin in minutes

  1. interesting savoury muffin, Pradnya ! And thanks again for linking to MEC.

    Sizzling Tastebuds
    Event : Microwave Easy Cooking (MEC)
    Round up of Magic Mingle # 1 posted

  2. this is nice..whenever I feel like having Dhokla..I can make it for myself! 🙂

  3. very good..i love papaya

  4. interesting one Pradnya. Never tried to make a mug dhokla though I have made dhokla in the MW.

  5. wow jhatpat and inviting muffins

  6. interesting way to incorporate papaya…lovely muggy dhoklas:)

  7. its completely new form of dhokhla for me, well done

  8. That is a super creative idea to make dhokla in a mug..

  9. That's a wonderful dish for a quick snack..great one P!

  10. what a superb idea for a quick snack!

  11. Omg, seriously this savoury muffins looks fabulous dear..

  12. Mug dhokla, nice idea. will try this.

  13. Interesting and delicious. Will definitely make this.

  14. delicious and easy recipe. thanks for sharing

  15. hey that is a quick snack!!

  16. I am in for anything savory and this looks easy and tasty. Thx for linking to the event.

  17. Nice idea to try it our in a mug!!

  18. Shortcut dhokla looks awesome!

  19. OOh…dokla in such less time…I am bookmarking this!!

  20. fabulous recipe, its great.

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