Apple chips

Fruit based chips are mostly good for decoration purpose. It also depends on the kind of fruit you are using. Apple chips are probably pretty common in use by now. They are good to decorate a plain looking dessert. What I did not know until I made them is that they are excellent snack on their own.
The reason for knowing this little later was because I never made at home. Whenever I tasted them elsewhere, it was sprinkled with cinnamon. I am not a big fan of cinnamon in desserts so it was a pretty thing sitting on the plate good for a nibble or 2.

While working on the chips theme, when I started preparing the chips, I suddenly decided to go without cinnamon.
Because cinnamon lends a beautiful woody color, I did not want to miss on that color. I added raw sugar (brown sugar) I really do not know what raw sugar is, but I had a packet. You can use ordinary sugar as well.

1 apple Β cut in thin slices (I did not core or deseed)
2 tspn raw sugar
1) Spread the apple slices evenly on a lined baking sheet.
2) Sprinkle the sugar on top. Pop it in a preheated oven at the lowest temperature (mine was 150c which is high.
3) It will becomes crispy in 2 hours (at 90 min – do a check)
4) The sugar burnt in my case as it was raw sugar. But it does not taste bitter, it infact gave a sweet caramelized taste.

In my oven it took about 1 hour 5 min. I tossed it around after 45 min. I also let it stand overnight in the switched off oven.

These tasted very close to what we get in the fruit based muesli. They were yummy to chew on.


18 responses to “Apple chips

  1. Awesome….

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  2. Fruit chips are new to me… Sounds interesting… Should try it sometime….

  3. Pradnya have eaten the dried apple slices…but these sound good…book marking the chips series!!

  4. apple chips are pretty common here now. One of the brands that sell apple juice, Seneca, makes them and they have different flavors -original, apple-cinnamon, etc. You can find these now with all the other potato chips in the supermarket and I love them!

  5. these are fun to munch on! yum!

  6. they look yummy, will try it out πŸ™‚ Thanx a lot for sending it to my event..don't forget to link it k πŸ™‚

    Join the Just “4” Fun event πŸ™‚

  7. Great Pradnya to share this recipe. Bookmarked.

  8. Wow never thought of this. My idea of chips is potato and raw plantain. Thanks.

  9. Yummy. These have been on my “to do” list for too long.

  10. Very interesting.. I will try this out.. looks great

  11. Nice chips recipe with apple.Must try…

  12. i have bookmarked this:) Thanx a lot for linking it to my event πŸ™‚

    Join the Just “4” Fun event πŸ™‚

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