French Toast

The french may not be making this as often as the rest of the world. This is an instant recipe for breakfast, packed with nourishment and ideal for kids. 

Ingredients (for 2 people)
2 Slices of Fresh Bread (Brown/ White)
1 egg yolk
3 tbsp milk
3 tspn sugar
2 tbsp butter
1)In a large bowl, beat the egg with sugar until sugar is dissolved
2)Add the milk and mix well
3)Cut the bread slices and soak them in the egg mixture.
4)On a griddle, heat the butter.
5)Place the soaked bread slice on it.Let it cook until it is brown and crispy. (About 30 seconds)
6)Flip the bread slice and let it cook on the other side
Serve with fresh fruits, custard, maple syrup or as is.


15 responses to “French Toast

  1. And it used to be my favorite as a kid..looks so good..

  2. Same like Valli.. it used to be my fav when i was a kid.. but not know .. not sure why..

  3. I guess all egg recipes for breakfast r done in a jiffy!!…well we make the eggless version with gramflour:)

  4. Looks yummy. Was my favourite as a kid in fact my tummy used to ache for i used to just gobble them up.

  5. its still my favorite – eventhough I am no longer a kid and in restaurants here, they usually use Challah bread, which is a Jewish bread made with eggs, very rich….I would always order it on those rare times when we would go out for breakfast as a kid

  6. I've never tasted french toast 'cause I don't eat eggs in its obvious form (don't like the smell) but eat eggs as a baked version in cakes,cookies and like. My kiddos just love them, I make for them. Very nice!!!

  7. Not a kid anymore, but this is still a favorite 😀

  8. My daughters favourite!!!!

  9. Cant really comment on the dish because i don't have egg.. I have heard many people rave about it, so must be very tasty.. food def says that 🙂

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  10. nice ad lovely looking fresh toast

  11. Really a good n healthy break fast for kids…my kid love it :)Looks nice.

  12. really healthy and rich toast in taste

  13. Toast looks inviting.

  14. Lovely and Lazy Sunday breakfast choice. Umm Ummm good!

  15. I love the vanilla- cinnamon topping on this …. and make this eggless too..

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