Rajasthani Thali – Indian meal menu

When Srivalli announced the thali series little had I known how exciting it was going to be. I do not put up what I cook daily on my blog or for that matter even half of what gets cooked at home. During this process I realized how easy it would be for all you guys to follow and prepare menu from a ready made course list rather than browsing through the recipes and creating one for yourself.

For the 1st post in this series I am beginning the journey with the most popular thali known in India. For most vegetarian friends who do not mind a bit of sweet and sour vegetables and curries this is like a feast. 
Last month, we took FIL and MIL to Maharaja Bhog where they could not enjoy the food even when they liked it due to the excessive oil and butter in it. When I made a smaller version of it at home, it was thoroughly enjoyed.

Rajasthani cuisine is popular around the world for it depicts the influence of its royal heritage aptly in many dishes. The cuisine also reflects the use of ingredients that are available round the year most probably due to the lack of fresh foods. Chickpea flour is used for many of its dishes.
Check some items I picked for my family 

Rajasthani Thali Menu for the day
Missi Roti – Flat round stiff bread made of chickpea and wheat flour
Sev Tamatar Shaak – Tangy tomato gravy topped with crispy Bhavnagari Gatia , chickpea crispies
Gatta KadhiSpicy Tangy yogurt based gravy with chickpea dumplings
Chaas – Herbed buttermilk
Jaipuri Pulav – Dried fruits topped on long grained basmati rice
Methi Pakodi – Crispy Fritters flavored with fenugreek
Lasan chutney – Spicy garlic chutney 
Rabri – Sweetened reduced full fat milk cooked on slow fire

I will updating the recipes for each of the above shortly


21 responses to “Rajasthani Thali – Indian meal menu

  1. I love Missy Roti and I def. want to try those pakodas..they look perfect…crispy and golden


  2. i love the rajasthani thali.. in blore we get such an amazing spread with Rajdhani :).. looking forward to the recipes of all of them !

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  3. I too don't blog the food that is cooked everyday. I like your thali and all the dishes in it.

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  5. Nice thali. Delcious dishes. Loved it.
    Divya's Culinary Journey

  6. I loved the time I made the rajasthani thali myself..your plate looks very good..will surely want to make these sometime..:)

  7. Pradnya…yes it is a mini meal..but surely this combination is super.love the methi pakodas 🙂

  8. i love authentic rajsthani meal…..love this..good job

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  9. Need to try these out. To me these are new maybe other than missi roti

  10. love missi Roti and sev tamatar Shaak (I always thought that this was a gujju dish :)) …nice presentation Pradnya, and look forward to the week ahead 🙂

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  11. Its been a while i had this kind of delicious and super filling thali..well executed..

  12. Nice platter Pradnya.Sev tamatar shaak is in my to do list for a long time. Now I am truly tempted…

  13. Very inviting, looking forward to the recipes..

  14. I look forward to the recipe for sev tamatar shaak. It looks very colourful and tempting.

  15. A mini thali it is! but a hearty one at that.

  16. How satisfied one would be after eating this thaali…perfect!!! Love the items in the thaali…looking forward for the recipes.

  17. I love missi rotti.., and of course methi vada, an other rajasthani thali.., lovely spread, looks very inviting…

  18. Nice thali. Love the dishes…

  19. Inviting thali, i have never made missi roti in home. Waiting for the recipe.

  20. I love rajasthani thali. I never mind the oil in it and just eat everything in the plate :)). I think its time to start preparing them at home too!

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