Everyday dinner menu – Light and power packed

Like most homes these days, dinner is the only time for the family to sit down and eat together during the week days. Then there are varying demands to take care of. Food has to be light and easy to digest. Should include vegetables and salads. For the little one, should have sufficient fats and nutrition to ensure he is not deprived of his growing needs. Quantity has to be just enough but expandable depending on mood.

Most days, we opt for rice as it is the only time we (except kid) eat rice. However, it could be in any form. On other days, upma, handwa, sandwiches, or parathas are also made often.
I am sharing with you one such light yet power packed dinner meal.

Menu for the day
Aloo Paratha – Stuffed Roti with spicy potato mash
Spring Onion Relish – Spicy onions made instantly with roasted peanut powder
Pumpkin Bhartha (Mash) – Pumpkin and bottle gourd mash in curd
Fresh Fruits (I used Mango as it is criminal to use anything else during season at home)

Aloo Paratha
Although this is a popular breakfast item for many people, we make it for dinner many times. This recipe works for one and all in the family. 
Check the recipe here

Pumpkin Bhartha
This is such easy peasy recipe. You can do variations to the tempering and the masalas. At my place we all like it so I dont really bother making a neat job. But for first time around suggest that you mash the vegetables really well to get a delightfully smooth texture. No one can spot it was this easy to make or has so little ingredients
Check the recipe here

Spring Onion Relish
A favorite and instant relish to accompany the rotis.
Check the recipe here. It is so good you can make it now for your next meal.


22 responses to “Everyday dinner menu – Light and power packed

  1. look tempting…spl mango…lovin it

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  2. wow..what a simple tasty menu..love that mango

  3. Lovely platter Pradnya.


  4. Nice and light on the tummy!

  5. so delicious..especially the pumpkin bharta..loved it!!

  6. Very delicious spread…

  7. Simple yet filling & comforting thali. Pumpkin bharth is new to me.

    My neighbor use to make delicious aloo paratha and she use to serve with yogurt.

  8. nice and simple spread.. I can have alu paratha anytime 🙂 Loved the relish too 🙂

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  9. Love this simple, yet delicious thali..

  10. Delicious Dinner Thali.. Would love if someone give me dinner like that.. 🙂
    Divya's Culinary Journey
    My first event-Showcase

  11. Wat a lovely spread, makes me hungry..

  12. Wonderful collection.of dishes !! Perfect

  13. I thought I left a comment!..that thali does look very inviting..

  14. My fav of all parathas is aloo parathas. Simple yet powerful thaali…nice!!!

  15. love the simple spread.. i am going to try the spring onion relish too 🙂

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  16. such a lovely spread, love the bright mangoes on the plate 🙂

  17. Simple yet fulfilling.

  18. The Bharta is new to me ..book marked!..n like this comforting platter.

  19. Simple yet comforting Thali. Must try ur spring onion relish…

  20. Great thali. Drooling at the sight of mangoes.

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