Hypercity , natures basket have started stocking foccacia along with our regular white bread daily. It means it has clearly arrived in India. When I had it first about a decade back, it was the only fresh thing available at 7 AM in the morning at the bakery next to my place in Milan. I hated the idea of waking up and not getting to eat toast or biscuits that could be dipped in ginger tea.
After spending a month or so I fell in love with the fresh baked bread served with a large cup of extra strong coffee. I made foccacia a couple of times in between, when I had started baking. But I have started getting the satisfaction only recently.If you are new to baking breads, then you should start with this recipe

3 1/4 cups All purpose flour
2 cups tepid water
1/3 cup Olive oil
2 1/4 tspn rapid rise instant dry yeast
salt to taste
2 tspn Italian mix seasoning (Basil, Oregano, Rosemary)
1 tspn sea salt crushed (optional)
1 tspn chilly flakes
2 tbsp pitted olive rings
2 tbsp jalapeno rings 
2 tbsp chopped tomatoes (optional)
1)Ferment the yeast as per the directions on your pack.
2) I can add mine directly to the flour.
3)Mix the flour, yeast,salt, seasoning well.
4) Add the oil and rub it well in the flour
5) Now add the water little at a time to make a sticky dough.
6)Knead it  till it is nice and stretchy- about 7-8 min.
7) Cover the dough and let it rise till it doubles- it may take 45 min to 2 hours depending on your yeast
8)Now in  greased baking dish, place the dough. Make depressions on the top.
9) Brush with little water or milk, sprinkle the topping – olives, chilli flakes, jalapenos, tomatoes.
10) Cover for about 10-15 min till it regains its doubled sized. This is important as the bread will not rise in the oven. 
11) Place the baking sheet in a preheated oven at 210c  for 15-20 min. Or till the top is colored 
Serve warm. Reheating in microwave works very well for this type of bread.

I normally eat it with a drizzle of olive oil. I have some more variations , which I will share sometime


34 responses to “Foccacia

  1. On my list of must try items 🙂

    Ongoing Event : WTML

  2. Wonderful and inviting one !! looks YUM !!

    Ongoing event CC:Vegan Diet – Plant Based Food

  3. Looks tempting and baked to perfection.

  4. I have made a couple of foccacia till now. Looks good with the herbs.


  5. Perfectly baked bread!!
    Havent tried foccacia yet..
    Will bake it soon..
    Divya's Culinary Journey
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    Lets Party-Breakfast

  6. have always loved focaccia..your looks delish!

  7. focaccia is my fav kind of bread..i have one in my space too

  8. One of my favorite breads in focaccia …looks so tempting Pradnya…on to my to-try list …bookmarking this recipe. thanks for sharing.

  9. Have heard this recipe but not tried it… Yours looks so tempting… Will try this

  10. Serve me focaccia with some cheese, i can have it anytime.

  11. Nice one. What is that yellow tint on the focaccia? Olive Oil?

  12. Focaccia luks perfect and spongy…

  13. Focaccia looks spongy and soft,its in my to do list….

  14. can we meet for coffee..?but get the bread along..wat say?..looks yum!

  15. Good one. We love focaccia bread too.

  16. Focaccia looks and sounds yum

  17. My favorite..though yet to make it.

  18. The bread looks lovely, am I yet to make it. I always feel lost when I think about what to serve with it. Coffee/tea won;t work in my place. May be a warm bowl of soup?

  19. A gud one Pradnya. I have started loving yeast breads now 🙂

  20. Hi Pradnya,

    There is an award waiting for you in my space. Check my awards page.

    Divya's Culinary Journey
    Showcase- Whats in your Lunch Box?
    Lets Party-Breakfast

  21. looks delicious

  22. bread looks delicious

  23. Same pinch. I'm posting focaccia bread too today. Yours looks nice and fluffy.

  24. Looks so fluffy and tempting!!!!

  25. Am yet to bake these. Looks nice…

  26. Must have tasted great with all those seasoning and olives. Looks so nice…

  27. Foccacia full of Italian flavors yum.

  28. Wonderful flavors there!! Would love to have it with a bowl of warm soup!!!!

  29. Looks great. My kids love this bread.

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