Watermelon Granita/ Summer Slush

I have often associated summers as wedding season. As a kid I was usually dragged to people marriages who were usually distant relatives of either side of the kin. The views now are obviously different as it is a time to dress up, socialize and back of the mind realize why mum enjoyed it so much. Wish I had not given her a hard time back then. 
Marriages are playing on my mind as there is one in offing soon. Aarthi is getting married to her beloved and I cannot explain how happy I am for her. I have enjoyed all her recipes and often follow many of them. One thing I cannot match up is her pace of posting. I truly wish that you continue with your passion and are able to fill the same joys in your future home.
As an ode, I made this lovely summer granita from your space. I am enjoying it even while I am typing this post.

Watermelon 3 cups chopped
1/2 cup sugar
1 lemon juice
black pepper crushed to taste
1) In a mixer or juicer put all the ingredients and pulse it
2) Pour the juice in a wide base plastic container.
3) Put in freezer for 5-6 hours.
4) Remove and scrape it using a fork.
5) Place it back for couple of hours
6) Scrape it again and place it back in the freezer
7) Pour in a glass and serve chilled


I am posting this as virtual bridal shower for Aarthi and hope you enjoy the memories associated wit this as you prepare for your big day


8 responses to “Watermelon Granita/ Summer Slush

  1. What a nice click! So, window sill it is :-)?

  2. perfect coolant for the summer!

  3. So true about being dragged to weddings in the summer as kids! Loved the watermelon granita…looks cool and refreshing! Aathi is surely going to be delighted!

  4. How nice ….you're enjoying it while keeping us drool with pictures? Nice one Pradnya, love the color of this summer slush.

  5. oh Pradnya, thank you so much dear..I am really happy that you guys made this for me, i cant explain how happy i am..I am so blessed to have friends like you all..

    That granita looks so yummy, perfect for this summer..

  6. Omg,granita looks marvellous,tempting and definitely guilt free..

  7. Same pinch!! Love your pic.

  8. granita looks awesome. nice photo

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