Strawberry Frappe/ Summer smothie

There is something about colors that works with summer. Visually appealing dishes are highly significant for me. Appetite is usually low so anything that makes you drool is worth it. I played my game with colors again with my son. Alas! I picked the wrong color, I did not expect 3 year old to say this…”Pink thats for girls, I like blue”. Can you suggest me blue color to make a natural frappe? Maybe black currants, grapes or blue berries ..

Ingredients (for 4 servings)
2 cups full fat cream milk
1 scoop vanilla icecream
1 tbsp strawberry crush/ fresh strawberry juice
2 tspn almond meal (optional -but helps create a thick texture)
mint sprigs for decoration
1) Use a hand blender or a juicer to mix the ingredients.
2) Serve chilled with ice cubes and fresh mint


16 responses to “Strawberry Frappe/ Summer smothie

  1. That is such a pretty pink.

  2. So pretty. I love a good smoothie. Can I suggest adding spinach to the strawberry smoothie – just a tiny bit, it'll change colours, has no taste.

  3. love the color of it. really yummy

  4. Wat a pretty looking summer smoothie,incredible.

  5. gorgeous pink!…..he'll get over the colour bit when he' a bit older and starts focoussing on the taste!..otherwise blueberries are a great solution.

  6. Though I never venture into taking in such the colour..

  7. love this delicious drink n the pretty pink color! too pleasing!
    Spicy Treats

  8. eventhough he did not like the color, it id come out perfectly vibrant and eye appealing

  9. refreshing and tempting drink for the summer! lovely color too!

  10. Love the idea of adding almond meal, I usually add protein powder to get the thickness. I shall try your idea next time. Love the color of the smoothie.

  11. Yummy drink. Love the pink colour.
    My 5 yr old daughter says strawberry is for girls and blueberries is for boys. 🙂

    Divya's Culinary Journey
    Showcase- Desserts

  12. Wow like that combination of berries, vanilla and almond and beautiful color too.

  13. Looks so refreshing and loved the pretty pink color…

  14. a refreshing and colorful drink to beat the heat!

  15. Love the smoothie. Has a great color.

  16. thats very pretty!..girls n boys…all shall love it!

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