Methi muthia/ Fenugreek sweet, bitter fritters

If you are hunting monsoon special recipes to snack during the evenings, the methi muthiya is worth offering a place in the series. Popularly only made at my home during winters to go in the undhiyu. Post marriage I learnt many varieties of muthia from MIL. Recently, grand-MIL showed me her version and I was floored by the taste, texture and recipe. This had to be shared with you all.

You can easily replace fenugreek with bottle gourd or cabbage. 

1 cup of fenugreek leaves (stems separated), finely chopped
1 cup of coarsely ground Broken Wheat/ Lapsi (you can use coarsely ground besan)
1 tbsp whole wheat flour
2 tspn sugar
1 tspn red chilli powder
1 tspn coriander cumin seeds powder
1 tspn white sesame seeds
1 tspn poppy seeds
2 tbsp oil (to add to the dough)
salt to taste
Oil for frying
1) Wash the chopped fenugreek leaves under tap water well. If it is too muddy, soak it in water for 15 min. Later using a fork or split spoon lift the leaves floating at the top. This way the dirt will remain at the base. 
2) Add salt to the leaves and lightly crush using your thumb and forefinger as if massaging the leaves. This will aide in extracting some of the bitterness out. (Important if you plan to feed the kids)
3) Now, drain off the water from the leaves and add the rest of the ingredients.
4) Form a stiff dough using more water only if required.
5) Roll out the dough in cylindrical shape.
6) Steam the rolled dough in a steamer.
7) Once done, chop the cylinders in 1/2 inch thickness.
8) Now in a pan, shallow fry the steamed fritters.

Start munching…they taste good hot or cold…


25 responses to “Methi muthia/ Fenugreek sweet, bitter fritters

  1. loved methi muthiyas..looks so delicious and spicy

  2. Traditional recipes have the taste of their own. Wow…recipe from grand-MIL….fortunate to get recipes from them. the muthias look awesome.

  3. oops…forgot to type in name/URL…the previous unknown comment is from me. Jayanthi

  4. Muthiyas looks extremely addictive.. Bitter is definitely better for health na.

  5. Looks very healthier and delicious!!!

  6. Great looking fritters!

  7. Muthia looks good and a nice snack to munch on during the monsoon season

  8. your muthia recipe sounds delicious

  9. Never tried this at home.Looks nice.Bookmarked…

  10. Never tried this at home.Looks nice.Bookmarked…

  11. methi muthias taste awsum…look grt pradnya.

  12. Nice and healthy recipe.

  13. they look yummy! great to be back in BM 🙂

  14. they look yummy! great to be back in BM 🙂

  15. Love fenugreek flavor. Fritters look inviting.

    Event: Kid's Delight

  16. though i have the recipe, i m yet to try this super-yummy snack!!! Very tempting and healthy munch!!!!

  17. Healthy snack..tempting pics.

  18. Delicious muthias.

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