Smiley Faced Fried

Never mind if some of them look scary…these are fun things to try for your little one…and ofcourse you can enjoy them too.
It really does not need you to be very skill ful with your carvings. 

Potatoes (preferably large ones)
Oil to fry
Salt and Pepper to taste
1) Peel the potatoes.
2) Cut them in 1/2 inch thick round discs
3) Using a knife, carve a smile and 2 holes to indicate eyes
4) In a large pot containing water, parboil these smiley faces. About 10 min
5) Strain them
6) Deep fry these on medium flame till they are nice and crispy
7) Darin them on paper towel.
8) Sprinkle with salt and pepper

Serve them to some excitedly smiling kids…


9 responses to “Smiley Faced Fried

  1. Kid's will love it ….Looks crispy and delicious…

  2. Lovely dish……kids for sure will love these

  3. lovely ones for kids..

  4. I swear those are not scary..:)..I know kids will enjoy these..

  5. Pradnya..look who talks about creativity!…look at these wonderful creations..I am in love with them..ya..some do look a little scary..ha ha..but surely u r son will enjoy . kids love stuff with monsters..ehe…super!!

  6. theses are 2 funny///kids will love them

  7. Soo cute, kid's friendly fries, lovely..

  8. very cute! Kids definitely will love these kind of creations!

  9. Cute “Scary/Funny Faced” chips.

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