Amla Juice / Indian gooseberry juice

So the internet tells that this is the best berry to consume especially when it is available fresh in the market. It works wonders for the digestive system, the bones and the overall immunity.
All said and done, whenever some thing becomes a mandate you want to avoid it the most.
My MIL makes a very interesting preserve with amlas and my mom makes the the muravala (which is amla jam). Both of which stay well throughout the year. But after the initial few days, I tend to drift away from it.
This time I tried making a fresh amla juice, which DH loved a lot. Ofcourse I knew that it was not a sustainable plan to extract the juices, add the seasonings and flavors and make it every morning. But I’d rather not think of it and enjoy until the interests last..
I made this healthy drink for the BM run….

5 Fresh Amlas (Indian Gooseberries)
2 tspn honey
a pinch of dried ginger powder
crushed mint leaves
salt to taste (I used rock salt)
sugar (optional)
1) Wash the amlas under running water scrubbing their skin
2) Cut them to remove the seeds
3) Put the chopped amla fruit in a mixie/ grinder with little water to make a pulp
4) Using a strainer and a spoon extract the juices (like we do for coconut milk)
5) Keep pulsing it in the mixie as you go
6) When the juices are extarcted, add the other ingredients. Keep tasting to get the right flavor
7) Adding sugar is optional but if the amlas are raw you may need to add a pinch or so.

Serve cold or at room temperature. This will stay good for upto 10 days or so in the refrigerator


9 responses to “Amla Juice / Indian gooseberry juice

  1. The juice is khatta meetha as I gather. I am sure it shall work like magic for the family. Bookmarked to be tried sometime šŸ™‚

  2. I have never had this. I eat amlas just like that. And then wash it down with a glass of water, it tastes so sweet then :). Will try this juice sometime.

  3. Its quite expensive here also we dont get fresh gooseberries quite often, wish to grab that glass and having rite now, fantastic juice.

  4. We have a gooseberry tree at home, the smaller variety.Let me see if we can prepare this juice with that variety.Nice and healthy drink…

  5. Rich vitamin C juice. Simple and healthy juice.

  6. It's quite new recipe for me. We make pickles with gooseberries. Wish we get fresh gooseberries to try this recipe. Quite curious about the taste of this juice.

  7. I have heard of this juice but never tried it out. This looks great and a power pack of energy…

  8. We normally just make the juice with salt and pepper, those other seasoning sounds good..will try next time..

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