Badam barfi / Almond Fudge

Keeping up my promise of venturing the unknown territory of food, I attempted yet another recipe the almond fudge. The original plan (while shopping) was to make badam katli. But I then stumbled upon a can of condensed milk and then a packet of milk powder ….letting me to change the plans…

Before proceeding any further….let me wish you and your folks a very happy and prosperous diwali…

Now off to the recipe

2 cups blanched almonds
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup condensed milk
1 tbsp milk powder
1) Dry the almonds by roasting it or microwaving it. When they cool down to room temperature, grind it to a fine powder. Take care not to let the oil ooze out- avoid pulsing the grinder often and try to grind in long runs
2)Boil the sugar in a pan with 1/4th cup water. Continue boiling without stirring till the mixture starts bubbling. 
3) Using a wooden spoon, take a drop of sugar syrup and drop it in a glass of water. Then pick the ball and check for consistency. If the ball dissolves in water you have a long way to go. If the ball is soft, keep testing every 30 seconds. When a hard ball is formed your syrup is ready.
4) Now add the almond meal to the sugar syrup and quickly mix in. 
NOTE- At this stage your badam katli is formed. you can rool out this mixture when it becomes slightly colder and flatten out on non stick plate.
5) Next add the condensed milk and stir in quickly. Keep stirring until the mixture starts forming a dough like ball – about 5-6 min on medium flame
6) Now on a greased plate or a non stick plate, take the mixture and using a greased palette knife start flattening the mixture. If required, use the milk powder to help in kneading and flattening
7) When done, using a greased knife, make diamond shapes on the flattened mixture.
8) Let it cool down in refrigerator
9) Garnish using chopped pistachios or silver leaf.

Stays well for 2-3 weeks (refrigerate after 1 week)


10 responses to “Badam barfi / Almond Fudge

  1. Yum..I made with cashew and it turned out more like besan burfi..:)

  2. I also made a sweet with almond..badam cake.your burfi looks nice with milk powder and condensed milk and without any ghee..will give it a try.

  3. Either its katli or barfi, i dont bother to have some, anything with almonds goes definitely to my favourite list.Beautiful barfis.

  4. These burfis are so tempting…burfis in many of the blogs is just tempting me so much to try. Lovely recipe Pradnya.

  5. Simple and delicious barfi..

  6. Delicious and so yummy!!! very festive too!!
    Ongoing Event – CWF – Whole Wheat Flour

  7. Looks so delicious esp with that silver foil…

  8. That is delicious and so healthy!!! thanks for sharing this authentic and tasty dish!!
    chowringhee in Laxmi Nagar

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