Mahalabia/ (Middle Eastern Sweet)

I tasted it at one of the brunch menus at a place called Sarovar Plaza in Goregaon – Mumbai. I got hooked on to it instantaneously as I had a feeling that this was probably an easy recipe presented beautifully.
My little one loved it as well…I had to make it at home soon after. A few changes to the ingredients and I had a winning recipe on hand.
I picked up kids delight theme for this BM as cooking what my little one likes excites me the most despite the challenge on time…

So for this BM with an all time favorite theme…Kids delight- desserts , I am giving you this instant and interesting recipe…

1 cup cornflour
4 cups water
1 cup sugar
1 tspn rose water (edible)
2 tbsp gulkand ( dried rose petal preserve)
nuts for garnishing
food color (optional)
1) In a large pan, add the milk and sugar. Heat it until the sugar has fully dissolved
2) In another bowl, mix the cornflour with water to make a thin runny paste
3) Slowly stir it in to the boiling milk . Stir continuously to avoid forming lumps
4) Cook on medium flame for 5-7 min until the mixture starts thickening slightly and coats the back of the spoon or laddle
5) Now remove about 1 cup of the mixture aside and add a few drops of food color
6) Pour the uncolored mixture in a glass bowl ,dipped in cold water.
7) Let this set in refrigerator for about 5-10 min
8) Remove the bowl, slowly pour the remaining colored mixture on top. Take care not to mix the layers
9) Top it with gulkand and chopped nuts
10) Let it set in the refirgerator for couple of hours before serving.


11 responses to “Mahalabia/ (Middle Eastern Sweet)

  1. wow Pradnya, now that's delightful name and looks so wonderful as well..

  2. Nice one. Looks delicious and different

  3. I have had this before and I also have a version of it on my blog but I have only had it with rice flour – never cornflour – new version for me

  4. Even i had a chance to taste this beautiful sweet, seriously irresistible.

  5. Never heard this name before but it tempting me a lot..Will try it soon..First time here and love to follow you..

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  6. I think I have eaten a version of it sans gulkhand. Looks lovely.

  7. wow this is new to me and looks yum.

  8. Never tasted this dessert but by the time I read through the method I was drooling.Sounds easy and yum…

  9. Very interesting dessert. Looks yummy.

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