Coconut Rice

My earliest association with Goa has been filled with so many fond memories that no matter how many trips I make to the state, it fails to erase the first impression I made of the city nor does it faintly create another….I clearly remember the 10-12 days that I spent in the rustic parts of Goa to attend a childhood friend’s wedding. She was the youngest bride I had ever known and we (me and my elder sister) were completely unaware of the realities of life, barely in our teens we had those twinkles in our eyes when life seemed like a huge bed of roses. I suppose that wedding also felt like those games we play with our respective dolls …until we had to depart and bid our friend a bye. We then realized what it means to grow up…..eventually all of us got married one after the other and life is where it is now….yet, I think, that the realization of what it is being married and leaving your parents cocoon struck me only in Goa. 
This was only on the last day of our beautiful trip in Goa, however what I very clearly remember are those funfilled days, before the marriage with the bride in tow, we went for trekking in the mountains, reaching the temple by road when the elders took jeeps and cars, and yet outdoing in pace, eating the delicious home made food by the bride’s mom daily to get done with the chore of filling the guest’s tummy and then letting us be. The evenings when the groom’s friends were sneaking us out to show the grandeur side of Goa, and the hip life.
For the next three days of BM # 26, I will recreate the beautiful dishes that aunty made for us using the fresh produce in goa…

2 cups Basmati Rice (or any other local rice you prefer)
4 cups medium coconut milk (Use 3 coconuts to extract the milk)
1 medium size onion thinly sliced 
1/2 tspn cloves
1 tspn black pepper whole
1 inch cinnamon
2 tbsp cashews
1 tbsp Oil
1) In a large pan, heat the oil.
2) Add the onions, cashews, black pepper, cinnamon and cloves and saute till the onions are slightly browned
3) Next add the washed rice and stir in well.
4) Now slowly add the coconut milk continuously (though gently) stirring.
5) Reduce the stove flame to medium or low and cover the pan.
6) Let it cook till the rice is completely cooked.
7) Serve hot with xacuti or gravy of your choice.


27 responses to “Coconut Rice

  1. Love this easy breezy rice. All time favorite..

  2. Coconut rice looks so delicious!! Wonderful snaps!!

  3. This looks yummy! My mom makes this almost every weekend as its my pappa's fav.

  4. Your goa trip sounds like so much fun! Goa has always been our fav holiday destination.Your dish looks yummy! My mom also makes these almost every weekend.

  5. It's so nice to read about your visit to Goa Pradnya, I am yet to visit and hoping I would soon sometime..:)..I call this coconut pulao..:)

  6. Looks yummy.
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  7. looks delicious Pradnya

  8. Rice looks yummy..mouthwatering.

  9. love your write up about your experience. 1st photo came out so clear and inviting

  10. Yummy !! Goa is a foodie and photographer's delight… Look fwd to your Goan series, Pradnya!!

    Hope you have eggless Bibinka (famous Goan coconut cake in mind) 🙂 lol

  11. Lovely write up. I enjoyed my trip to goa too:-)..coconut rice looks very inviting!!

  12. Hope you have enjoyed a lot. Sweet memories usually reflect with nice delicious recipes.

  13. I fond always for coconut based rice, this rice looks prefect for a lunch..thanks for sharing.

  14. Lovely clicks. Love this easy to prepare rice

  15. I have never been to Goa myself, but reading all your stories makes me want to make a trip down there. This coconut rice is no where like how we make it down south. Love the richness of coconut milk 🙂

  16. I have never been to Goa but have heard very good comments about the beauty of the place and also of the exotic food! This rice or pulao sounds very flavorful.

  17. Nice version of coconut rice, would love to try it.

  18. Coconut milk usually gives richness to the finished dish. The rice looks delicious.

  19. Love how the picture complements the delicate rice. Lovely.

  20. Loved reading your intro to this post. The addition of coconut milk to this rice is something I will try out some time.

  21. Goan dish, served on a dish from Goa :)! Love it. And looks like you had a great time at the wedding. Looking forward to the other two recipes 🙂

  22. oh that is so delicious!!! love the bowl in which u have served it!
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    Ongoing Event – HITS – Diabetic Friendly

  23. What tempting rice.. Going to try this out.. !!

  24. I love the richness and flavor coconut milk offers to rice dishes. Sounds simple yet flavorful.

  25. Enjoying Goan local food in a Goan home — you are soo lucky. I wish I can visit Goa some time in my life.
    Coconut rice looks so flavorful and delicious.

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