Peanut Soup (fasting soup)/ Danyachi Aamti/ Upwas amti, upaas saar

This is my MIL special recipe, this is not really a soup, but equally hearty and strikes the right nodes when you are fasting. Usually during the traditional fasting days like one today – Mahashivrati, the feast of sabudana khichdi  etc can become a drab affair especially on a hot day…This is when the saar as we call it , kicks in to provide the moist quotient

I mostly prefer it with vari rice (fasting rice) or sabudana khichdi, but this is good on its own, when had with a bowl of potato chips (yes, you are allowed to munch guilt free, because you are fasting)..Sharing this as part of the soups and salads recipe this BM…

1 cup roasted peeled peanuts
1 tspn green chilly paste
1 tspn powdered cinnamon
1/2 tspn powdered cloves
1 tbsp tamarind pulp
1 tbsp jaggery/ sugar
1 tspn clarified butter/ ghee
1 tspn cumin seeds
1 dried red chilly
salt to taste
1) Grind the peanuts to paste using water
2) Add more water to get the required quantity of soup with the consistency of your choice. This portion would yield about 4 cups of medium consistency soup
3) Add salt, jaggery, cinnamon, clove powder, tamarind pulp, green chilli paste and mix well
4) Cook this mixture on low-medium flame for 5 min
5) In another small pan, make a tempering using ghee. When the ghee is hot, add the cumin seeds and dried red chilli.
6) Pour this tempering in the cooked peanut mixture. Stir in and serve hot (with potato chips)

* Tip- you can more green chillies, but the essence of this saar / soup is in the light spiciness it draws from cinnamon/ cloves powder


17 responses to “Peanut Soup (fasting soup)/ Danyachi Aamti/ Upwas amti, upaas saar

  1. Peanut soup,am hearing this version for the frist time,wonderful bowl.

  2. Peanut soup with potato chips, looks like a yum combo!!!

  3. I'm such a fan of peanuts…am sure to like this one! Trying to imagine how it tastes. Am going to have to try this for sure. Veru different

  4. We make a special chaaru for shivrati with a mix of lentils that includes peanut as well..:)'s typically spicy as well..this surely sounds intersting

  5. There is lot of sinful eating, in the name of fasting:))..the soup is new to me.

  6. Never heard of peanut soup. Are you allowed to munch on potato chips on the day of fasting. That is very new to me. Delicious bowl of soup…

  7. Interesting soup! It sounds more like watery version of peanut chutney!

  8. Wow! Such a different recipe! Our family is a big peanut crazy one. i am sure everyone would love this 🙂 Bookmarking it…

  9. Soup in peanut, it's very new to me. Need to try once.

  10. Hey Pradnya, yummy looking soup. And the bonus part is its a fasting recipe. Will try it soon. 🙂

  11. This is the first time I am hearing about this soup.Fasting or not, it is being bookmarked 🙂

  12. I've had the African style peanut soup popular in the Southern US and Caribbean which is much thicker with a peanut butter base – I love your unique variation

  13. This is a very new recipe to me…sounds very interesting!!

  14. I am hearing this soup for the first time. My kids will surely love this

  15. Very new to me never think of making a soup with peanuts. now have to try this because hubby is a big fan of peanuts. thanks for this traditional recipe…

  16. i have never heard of peanut soup.. very interesting and very innovative!!
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  17. My MIL makes similar dish that is usually eaten with rice. Love it!!

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