Cheese Balls

There are a million ways to make cheese balls, uncooked, baked, microwaved, deep fried, grilled. The bottom line is if you are a cheese lover , you will enjoy any of it. Today’s version is probably the easiest and something that would be appreciated by kids
This is part of the birthday special theme this week,

1 cup grated cheese (Pizza cheese, mozarella, cheddar, cheese cream)
1 tspn mixed Italian herbs
1 tspn paprika/ black pepper powder
5-6 white bread slices
Oil to cook
1) In a bowl, mix cheese, herbs, paprika, black pepper and mix well.ย 
2) Cut the edges of the bread and dip it in water.
3) Squeeze out excess water by pressing between your palms
4) Place a pinch of cheese ball, add a dollop of cheese cream if you like to have molten cheese oozing out ( I avoid kids during parties as it tends to be very warm and risks burning off fingers)
5) Cover the bread from all slides and form a ball
6) Heat oil in deep panย 
7) Deep fry (or shallow fry like i did) until the edges are crispy from outside

8) Serve with sauce or chutney of your choiceย 


27 responses to “Cheese Balls

  1. Love the idea of adding cream cheese inside. Very interesting. Will try it soon..

  2. a kids favourite all the way.. I am planning to make this soon, Pradnya, and who knows I might nibble it all.. he he ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Delicious,super cheesy balls, wish i get a whole plate of these beauties.

  4. Woow I m drooling here…Super delicious..

  5. As you said if one loves cheese as I do, this will be a real treat..:)..very nice one Pradnya..

  6. nothing could ever go wrong with these them and with those herbs they will taste even better..fantastic Pradnya!

  7. Healthy Balls…..

  8. I am coming down for the young mans birthday if you are making these. They are yum and jump on them kind of snack.

    How do u make cream cheese?

  9. looks yummy and perfect for kids party…

  10. Aah I wish I was not on a cleansing diet ๐Ÿ˜ฆ This is such a winner dish. Slurrppp

  11. am a cheese lover & these cheese balls are making me mad. Gosh! I am on a diet & this blogging marathon is making me crazy. How on earth can I control my diet when I see so many delicious food. I am salivating here…. slurpp!

  12. Great idea. Cheese balls sound amazing.

  13. So delicious! Kids would love this ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Interesting recipe.Love the balls.

  15. Anything deep-fried is just a piece of heaven, served on a plate! Add cheese to it, and I go totally gaga!

  16. Wow. They look so inviting. Need to try your version…

  17. It looks so good, need to try once.

  18. This looks so yum and tasty. Come and participate in my event and 3 giveaways.

  19. I like this cheese stuffing idea instead of spicy potato filling. Definitely kid appealing.

  20. that is so tempting… should try these!!!
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  21. Cheese balls are lovely idea for any party

  22. Perfect party recipe!!!Love it

  23. nice and innovative starter for parties… yummy!!
    Event – Celebrate – Summer
    Event – Bake Fest

  24. Love this cheesy filling. Nice recipe.

  25. Cheese + Deep Fried = Happy guests ๐Ÿ™‚

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