Gulab Jamun

Shame on me that I have not yet shared the most popular indian recipe till date…I make them often but opt for ready made packs most of the times. Gits has always worked for me. In the past I also tried some home made recipes using milk powder and maida, which worked as well. However the one I plan to share today was liked by all.

2 cups Khoya/ Mawa (milk solids)
1 cup APF/ Maida
1 tspn baking powder
1/3rd cup Milk
Oil to deep fry
for sugar syrup
500 gms sugar
1 cup water (250 gms)
1 tspn saffron threads/ kesar
1) Take the Maida and baking powder together and sift it
2) In a large basin, mix the maida and khoya and rub it well together. 
3) Add milk to this mixtire and knead well. Ensure there are no lumps in it
4) Add more milk or water if required. The dough has to be very soft and should not stick to the palms when you roll them on greased palms
5) Make soft balls and keep aside
) In another pan, mix the sugar and water and boil it till the sugar has dissolved. Remove scum if anything floats on the top.Let it simmer for some more time.Add saffron threads and keep aside
7) In another pan heat oil for deep frying the gulab jamuns. Add the jamun, a few at a time. Fry till they have light golden color.
8) Remove them. Then drop them in warm syrup. Let it soak for 30 min minimum.

Serve hot or cold. Goes well with vanilla icecream, rabdi.

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22 responses to “Gulab Jamun

  1. I wan one gulab jamun please ! so yummy…

  2. Juicy and very spongy jamuns, would love to have a bowl.

  3. I am hiding my face…ya shame on me too:))you know looking at these I just called up hubby to get some on the way back…trust me my mouth is watering…shame..all ingredients are there to make but want to eat from a mithai walk.too lazy to make;)

  4. wow super spongy gulab jamun 🙂 they are tempting me badly 🙂

  5. Put this way, it doesn't sound scary..but otherwise making jamuns from scratch sounds tedious ( esp. When you have so many ready made packs to choose from!).. The gulab jamun looks perfectly done – golden, shiny and mouth watering!!

  6. wow yummy gulab jamun I am feeling very very hungry need a bowl plz.

  7. irresistible and mouth melting jamuns!!! superrr


  8. Perfect rounds of gulab jamun. Who can resist this delicious sweet??

  9. looks perfectly done and so I want one very badly!

  10. Tempting & u have made them perfectly !!

  11. This looks absolutely stunning..Delicious Jamuns

  12. Looks so stunning Pradnya, so nice..wish you had got these for us man!

  13. my all time fave Indian dessert. love these!!!

  14. home made Gulab jamun – my daughter lovessss this dish :-))

  15. Such a tempting treat. Your gulab jamuns have come out just perfect — perfectly round and perfectly juicy. Will try your recipe soon.

  16. Beautifully made. I have never tried the mawa ones ever. Bookmarking it.

  17. They look perfect Pradnya.when we are in a mood to have jamuns, I used to make from the scratch but now I just open a ready mix and prepare. It is a lot easier for me right now with lil dude around…

  18. Gulab Jamun look so fluffy and delicious.

  19. Yummy jamuns..Can never resist them..

  20. Gulab jamuns are my ever favorute desert! Making them from scratch surely makes a big difference in taste..

  21. Even I haven't posted a gulab jau recipe yet. You will see me posting your version soon. 🙂
    They look so tempting.

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