Chi Al Meh/ Manipuri style vegetable soup

This north eastern state has limited options on vegetarian dishes like most of its neighbouring states. I came across the recipe of vegetable soup which hardly seemed like a recipe. However, the tips about using specific vegetables and the lack of any spice made me think about the taste. It is like consuming the most abundant natural flavors and making a meal out of it.

The name Chi Al Meh means vegetable soup. Isnt it intersting..

2 onions roughly chopped
1 capsicum red chopped
1 capsicum yellow chopped
1 cup chopped mushrooms (any variety)
1 cup blanched and finely chopped spinach/ mustard leaves (almost pureed)
1 cup other vegetables of your choice
1 tspn ginger paste
green chilly paste, soy sauce  optional and to taste
salt to taste
1) In a large pot, add all the vegetables and ginger paste.
2) Boil it for 10 min and add your seasonings
3) Remove and serve. 
4) I added some boiled noodles to make it a complete meal.


14 responses to “Chi Al Meh/ Manipuri style vegetable soup

  1. It is lot better than some of the other recipes I have seen online, just steamed veggies with no seasonings. 🙂
    Ginger-chili paste must have made the difference and given the soup a beautiful flavor.

  2. A soup which is healthy and as good as a meal..nice choice.

  3. Such a simple process na, boil season n serve!! Love the addition of noodles to give it an extra texture! !

  4. Manipuri style soup, that bowl is asking me finish rite now, wat a super filling dish.

  5. As long as it has green chili and soya sauce, it can't be that bad. Don't know how it tasted but looks delicious.

  6. A nice healthy soup. The combination of all the vegetables must have tasted great.

  7. so hearty and so comforting soup!!

  8. Good find Pradnya! Sounds very flavorful too.

  9. simple flavours, great taste.. looks yummy

  10. After making thupka, I am in love with noodles and soup combo. This looks so good…

  11. Healthy & delicious soup.

  12. I like the addition of the noodles

  13. Healthy and comforting soup…

  14. This is such a nice choice for Manipur.Filling and healthy…

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