Sprout Canapes

My son and husband prefer canapes in all forms and at any place. Recently when we packed up to visit our farm, we planned a no halt drive. The run is just about 3 hours from home so it would be no big deal normally. But knowing the temptations that roadside eateries offer to both I decided to pack these beautiful recipes. I have done this in the past using bsicuit, crackers as a base and various toppings. I normally carry the toppings in piping bags if they slightly difficult to manage, it works easily to pipe out the filling in the canapes. You may check the filling recipes here…my famous bombay bites which I have been making for years.

Today’s topping is much easier to manage in transit, I make individual small boxes of the filling and handover canape packets to each with their boxes, They can scoop up the filling using each canape and gobble down..
For the last day of this picnic theme in bm run, sharing the recipe for you..Try this for your next picnic outing…

a packet of canape
1 cup boiled mixed sprouts 
1 tspn chat masala
1 tspn coriander mint chutney
1 tspn tamarind date jaggery chutney
1 tspn roasted cumin powder
1 cup chopped onion
1 tbsp fresh coriander 
salt to taste
1) In a bowl. mix the sprouts and all the ingredients (except canapes) in a bowl.
2) Scoop up the filling and place on the canape base
3) Top with chopped onions and coriander for garnishing


14 responses to “Sprout Canapes

  1. Such a neat idea Pradnya! Healthy and satisfies the cravings as well!!

  2. Healthy , tempting and a very clever idea :-)) loved ur series of Picnic hampers, Pradnya !

  3. Love these crunchy bites..n sprouts is such a healthy ingredient to be added to these.

  4. Healthy recipe…happy to follow u…

  5. This is definitely an excellent healthy picnic friendly idea.Very brilliant;

  6. I have not had canapes for such a long time. Must try some. You have used such a healthy filling too.

  7. Ohh very healthy recipe..

  8. brilliant idea!!! nice way to make sprouts part of the menu!!

  9. Very tempting and delicious snack ….lovely !

  10. That's a wonderful idea Pradnya..really helps to have these packed..

  11. What a cute idea to serve appetizers.. They look great.

  12. A neat idea of using the canapes with a healthy filling too! The canapes are cute as well.

  13. Even I love canapes. Chaat is a nice filling for the canapes.

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