Belgian Fries/ Belgian Frites

The Belgian fries were invented much before the more popular cousin  french fries. These are much more crunchier and jucier. The fries are made using the golden potatoes are served with various dipping sauces. It is also served with flavored mayos, tomato ketchup and mustard sauces.

2 large potatoes  preferable lengthy
4 cups oil for deep frying
salt and pepper to season

1) Wash and peel the potatoes. Cut them into thick 1/2 inch width sized fries. This should be thicker than the Mc style fries
2) Wash them to remove any excess starch. Pat them dry on kitchen towel.
3) Heat oil on low medium heat for 5 min. the temperature should be around 180c hot but not sizzling.
4) Drop the potatoes about  6 sticks at a time no more. Do not stir but also do not let it color brown
5) Drain them out. Repeat for the entire batch. For each batch ensure the oil is clean and almost around the same temperature
6) Now just before serving, reheat the oil this time slightly more hot around 220c. 
7) Drop the fries again 6 to 8 in a batch and fry them until they are golden and crisp.
8) Drain and remove on a kitchen towel.
9) Do not cover , sprinkle with salt and pepper and serve with your choice of dipping sauce.

I used chilly sauce, mixed with tobasco and smoked red capsicum reduction.

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5 responses to “Belgian Fries/ Belgian Frites

  1. Belgian fries and french fries, how can one resist these? That is an interesting dipping sauce.

  2. Chili sauce and fries!What a delicious combo!!!

  3. double fried must be so delisious!!!

  4. Drooling like a little kid Pradnya 😉

  5. Belgian or French we are always for these deep fried beauties!! Very tempting !!

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