Omani Meal

Blogging marathon # 44 – Next halt – Oman  

Oman or Muscat in Oman is a popular modern age city that has over time adopted various flavors across the world and evolve its own cuisine to meet the needs of a modern working woman’s lifestyle.

Omani limu / Omani Lemon is a delicacy which is essentially dried lemon. I looked around for them in Mumbai but could not find it . Next tried drying the lemons myself. I succeeded to some extent. But when the recipe called for crushing the lemon and using it in a powdered form I gave up. I could not risk making a dish out of one disaster – in my head the Mumbai lemons were no match in taste to what the Omani limus were meant to be. 

A little more research on building an Omani meal led me to this combination today.

An exotic Omani Style Biryani (chicken replaced with paneer), Mint yogurt, Almond Stuffed dates and Omani Sherbet

Omani Biryani…read more for recipe 

 Mint and Yogurt  simple curd based dish mixed with fresh mint ground roughly with salt.

Omani Sherbet…read more for recipe

 Omani dates, deseeded, stuffed with roasted almonds and covered with sugar pearls.

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8 responses to “Omani Meal

  1. Looks like you got a delicious mix if dishes done Pradnya..those date stuffed almonds sounds fun thing to do..and your biryani looks so inviting.

  2. Again wonderful job in creating this meal. Nice menu

  3. Another lovely platter with well chosen dishes. Everything goes so well together!

  4. Inviting myself to have this delicious Omani meal, seriously am drooling over that briyani.

  5. That is a lovely set of dishes from this country, everything looks just perfect.

  6. omg again a fantastic meal and love you recipe selections 🙂 The spread is simply making me drool 🙂 every dish is done to perfection !!

  7. Simple yet delicious choices. Love the dates studded with sugar pearls.

  8. Wonderful selection of recipes Pradnya and love that almond stuffed dates.

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