Ice Kashang/ Singaporean Street Dessert

Ice Kashang is the singaporean take on our ice gola. Their version consists of quite a few different things and the actual decoration is upto the individual pallete. 
Traditionally they use red kidney beans, sweet corns, beans paste etc which I have avoided knowing my family’s preferences.

2 cups Ice
1 packet agar agar/ china grass pudding
1 cup vanilla icecream
1 tbsp crushed salted peanuts
1 tbsp dried black currants
1 tbsp strawberry syrup/ chocoalte syrup
1 tbsp condensed milk
1 tbsp toppings (tutti fruti, sugar stars or hearts)

1) Prepare the china grass or agar agar pudding as per the instructions on the packet. To set pour in individual moulds so that it is easier to serve later. I used mango flavor and added some chopped mangoes that I had on hand while setting it
2) Crush the ice in a mixie to make ice shavings
3) While serving, place the ice shavings at the base, pour condensed milk on this
4) Place a small scoop of icecream, and top it with the pudding.
5) Now sprinkle, the peanuts, black currants, and toppings.
6) Pour the strawberry syrup and serve immediately

7 responses to “Ice Kashang/ Singaporean Street Dessert

  1. Wow! That is an exotic version of the ice gola I know. What a beautiful medley of colors nd flavors! Lovely!

  2. So colourful wonder your men couldn't control!

  3. Ehe..this has too many flavours and what a gola! Very interesting but if I were to make I would use almonds instead of peanuts. Unique recipe.

  4. This is one interesting gola with a blend of various flavors.

  5. Looks really good Pradnya.I wanted to try this but ended up making something else. Good choice…

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