Singaporean Meal

When I told you about our trip to Malaysia…I forgot to add that the last leg of our ermm..honeymoon trip was to Singapore, By this time, we were done with our share of sight seeing and backpacking. We were almost on the verge of cancelling this and returning back to good ol’ mumbai to begin our life in our new home. Funny it may sound but we were keen to meet our friends, families and colleagues. If you are wondering how this could be…well…then you need to meet my better half. No one can predict what he wants to do next. I was completely prepared to pack our bags and cut our trip short. Having known him before marriage definitely helped setting some expectations upfront. 
Just when I was ready to head home, he surprised me by saying lets go to Singapore….

This was the 18th new country that I visited so I had by then lost the tourism interest. However, I still enjoyed the stay in Singapore city because it felt like a picnic after that….

This place is beautiful small island almost like a miracle considering so many things are man made. It is an example of how simple planning can convert a no land into a land of plenty.

The city population mostly consists of young working population almost living to earn and work in offices. They have the largest chain of McDonalds and is popular for having highest street food eating people.  It seems the government encourages citizens to have kids by offering them monetary gains when they have a kid. The amount increases per kid. The folks are so busy making careers that they tend to push back this small work for long…interesting huh..

Coming to the meal for the day, Singaporean noodles or fried rice have an influence of chinese and indian cooking. A pinch of turmeric or curry powder is often added to the noodles and stir fries.

The national dish is black pepper crab curry which is a delicacy. I tried to emulate the curry using vegetables. 
To finish it I wanted to make a popular street dessert and the choices were nineteen to dozen. I picked the Ice Kashang as it seemed good to suit my families taste

This meal went flying, may be because the men were excited about the dessert and spotted it while me clicking the pictures.

For Singaporean Fried Noodles recipe, read here

For Vegetables in Black pepper Sauce, read here

For Ice Kashang recipe , read here

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6 responses to “Singaporean Meal

  1. Awesome meal with great recipe choices. Enjoyed reading your post. Very nicely done.

  2. 18 countries sound so fantastic Pradnya..what a lot of memories and experiences…really grand!..Singaporean meal sounds so exciting..

  3. Noodles and vegetables in black pepper sauce makes me hungry, such a filling meal, that ice kashang makes a prefect dessert to finish this meal

  4. You traveled a lot! Enjoyed reading your trip details. My cousin was in Singapore for 2-3 years and now I regret not visiting her during her stay in the country.

  5. Lovely looking meal with interesting recipes.

  6. Interesting meal spread!!

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