Yemeni Meal

 BM # 44  Next Halt  at Yemen 
Yemeni cuisine is very similar to middle eastern food but yet very distinct from the rest. The use of lemons, rice is higher than other ingredients. I followed a few sites and each one was better than the other. The recipes also were similar, the passion for food and cooking was apparent in almost every cook that I came across on youtube.

I canot replicate the taste but tried to get the same amount of zeal while cooking this simple meal

I found plenty of recipes for roti but I pickde up this one for it fitted the bill to use up my last portion of the strong bread flour. Since I got repeat orders I made them again with plain Maida and there was no change in taste. It was equally good..try the recipe here..

Dabeekh is a popular vegetable stew which obviously got 

lapped up because it meant I did not have to find replacements for meat. It is very similar to how we make Indian curries except that one topping of the Hulba can change the taste completely…check here for recipe

Hulba is an essential part of the cuisine used both as condiment or as an ingredient in other recipes of stews or soups. For recipe click here

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10 responses to “Yemeni Meal

  1. Another nice meal. Good choice of dishes. Simple and satisfying.

  2. Again a nice meal. I wanted do hobla and a dish that uses it as an ingredient. I chose to do a bake instead.

  3. Yemeni meal is asking me to invite myself to ur place, simply irresistible.

  4. You have paired it so well Pradnya..all the dishes sound so inviting..

  5. What a tempting array of dishes Pradnya. Hats of to you for virtually treating us to a full range of meals throughout!!

  6. Yummy combo of dishes..

  7. Perfect combination looks so tempting.

  8. Perfect combination looks so tempting.

  9. a great representation of this cuisine and so great that you included the hulba which makes such a difference in flavor

  10. A wonderful meal preparation .Loved all dishes…

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