Oats Crunchies

Only oat based cookies are not very popular at my house but me and my sisters and mom all enjoy it. This particular recipe and the digestive bsicuits recipe are from my old sainsbury compilation of recipes that I often follow. This came out looking different from the pictures I saw in the book but taste was good. These stay for many days so if you wish to add other dry fruits as well you can add to this. Since this is oil based it is largely guiltfree- provided you use the right oil. 

125 gm rolled oats
50 gms coarsely ground oat meal
150 gms castor sugar
120 ml Vegetable oil
2 tbsp curd
1 tspn vanilla essence
2 tbsp chopped cranberries 
1) Mix the oats, oatmeal , sugar and oil in a large bowl and set aside for 1 hour
2) Add the curd to this mixture and beat the mixture using a hook or fork until it all comes together 
3) Using a scoop take small balls of the dough and place at 1 inch distance on a greased baking sheet.
4) Bake in preheated oven at 160c for 15 min.
5) Cool it and store in airtight containers

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19 responses to “Oats Crunchies

  1. I like oats in cookies and I think it gives some crunchiness to the cookies. Cookies look yummy

  2. that is super tempting… nice addition of oats..

  3. The cookies look very good. We do like oats cookies, but it has a portion of flour as well.

  4. Really looks so good Pradnya. I am definitely making this. The bookmarks list is growing and growing!!

  5. Love these oat crunchies. I am going to try it out soon.

  6. Cranberries taste great in baked goods, don't they? The cookies look crunchy. Perfect for a evening snack.

  7. Love the color of those cookies. They look so good with peeking dried cranberries .

  8. I think the oats in my larder have found the right recipe :)) I love oats in bakes and would try this very soon

  9. The cookies look very nicely baked…and healthy too …

  10. Thanks for the inspiration !! I made something similar .. Will share shortly ! These crunchies look so healthy !!

  11. Lovely crunchies. I love oats in cookies than in any other way.

  12. Looks delicious!! Lovely color!

  13. After buying cranberries recently, I have become a huge fan of that fruit. These oats cookies look absolutely inviting with that cranberries..

  14. Wow, definitely a stunning crunchies.. Wat a beautiful munchies Pradnya..

  15. Looks so crunch and a healthy evening snack for kids with a glass of milk…

  16. Yummy looking oat cookies. They look addictive.

  17. Love oat cookies and this looks awesome!

  18. Oats taste very nice in cookies, somehow even i like them. Yours look pretty good.

  19. I have never baked with cranberries. Bookmarking this

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