Fresh Vegetables Salad with Baja Sauce / Pizza and Salad /Combo Meal

Welcome to the buffet on table , this month, we go around the world to see what is served to all over. This week we will look at the great common combo meals and 

I think in India, we are still warming up to the idea of clubbing pizza with a salad although all pizzerias have a salad bar. Well let me not drag India into this…personally I have always overlooked the salad bar and straight jumped on to ordering my pizza. DH on the other side loves salads with or without pizza,

Coming back to the combination meal, off late I realized that we usually end up with a lot of vegetables on our pizzas and then we put it under hot blaze, and thus, although we have plenty of vegetables but not the nutrition – well may be …

Dropping the gyan, if you manage to work out to make a lovely pizza next time, reserve the veggies to make a beautiful salad.

1 Iceberg lettuce 
1 capsicum
1 tomato
1 onion
1 cucumber
1 carrot
for dressing
1 tbsp mayonnaise
1 tbsp Olive Oil
1 tbsp baja sauce/ tabasco
salt and pepper to taste

1) Mix all the ingredients and shake well.

I followed it up with a Mexican style pizza

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20 responses to “Fresh Vegetables Salad with Baja Sauce / Pizza and Salad /Combo Meal

  1. Nice refreshing salad! I always order only pizza and always over look the salad when ordering pizza. 🙂

  2. can i get a slice??? so tempting and so refreshing!!

  3. Yea yea I too miss the salad when ordering pizzas..agree it will be a healthy option..:)

  4. Pradnya Pizza is pizza and salad is salad. I definitely do not mix the two. But what u say makes a lot of sense but then when did I listen to sense?

    Jokes apart I think this is one combo I will love. And will try asap.

  5. pizza and salad looks unique but interesting. Very nicely made.

  6. That's a great combo Pradnya I can enjoy that bowl of salad happily….

  7. Excellent combo. I am sure my husband would love to have it.

  8. interesting Mexican twist you put on this!

  9. Yeah, me too. Have never ordered salad with pizza. This looks so refreshing!!

  10. Interesting pizza and healthy combo.

  11. That is an interesting combo Pradnya.I wouldn't mind having this kind of salad everyday.Nice flavors…

  12. Pizza and salad combo sounds new to me .. will try soon..It looks delicious and nicely presented too..

  13. wow love the addition baja sauce to this salad. Will try it out soon

  14. wow love the addition baja sauce to this salad. Will try it out soon

  15. What a delicious looking healthy salad. Can I have some please?

  16. Baja sauce is new to me… would like to try it out…

  17. Salad and pizza watelse we need, thats a super delicious combo,my kids will go crazy if they saw this pizza..

  18. Love the gyan too pradnya! ! Love this combo, we love the salad that comes with Pizza combo

  19. My husband and kids love the salads though I am not a great fan. That sauce sounds interesting and would keep in mind next time a salad is prepared at home.

  20. Such a refreshing and delicious salad.

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