fansi dhokli nu shaak/ Frenchbeans and dumplings curry/ Gujaathi Thali

Indian states is our theme for the buffet on the table. It was expected by me, that I would atleast make one Gujarathi dish.

We end up cooking one meal from this colorful state atleast once a week. I just put together a small thali.
I do not make too many dishes but this basic roti , sabji, chawal and kadhi are supplemented with athanu , papad and a sweet – custard with fruits is an acceptable sweet option. I added in a farsan – methi gothe along with some salted green chillies.

1 cup french beans, threaded on the sides and chopped into inch size
1 cup wheat flour
2 tspn red chilli powder
1 tspn turmeric powder
1 tspn coriander cumin seeds powder
1 tspn mustard seeds
oil to saute
salt to taste

1) Add some salt, red chilli powder to the wheat flour and bind it together to make soft dough. Make small balls of this and set aside.
2) In a pan boil some water, when it starts bubbling, add the wheat dumplings. Let them cook until theu float to the top
3) In another pan, heat some oil, add the mustard seeds.
4) When it crackles, add the french beans and saute it
5) Add the masala and salt.
6) Add some water and let it cook. When it dries up, add the dumplings and saute it until the oil leaves the sides of the pan.
7) Serve hot with roti

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11 responses to “fansi dhokli nu shaak/ Frenchbeans and dumplings curry/ Gujaathi Thali

  1. Dhokli beans shaak looks yummy.I am in love with your dhoklisand want to taste them now.The simple thali isn't simple, it has all the dishes to indulge in.

  2. Farsi dhokli na shaak definitely makes an excellent side dish to have with some rotis or rice..Inviting dish.

  3. Dumplings are tempting. i wanted grab only dumplings from that bowl. Nice curry

  4. Very interesting and inviting dish.

  5. Wow.. Very well made.. Homey and comforting

  6. Well the plate looks so festive for sure..all the dish sound interesting..can't wait to read on all of them!

  7. Those dumplings are delicious..Love the platter totally..

  8. Love those yummy dumpling. you have got perfect round shapes.

  9. I alwayr thought these vwere made from besan and they were fried. These dumpling sound doable. Thanks.

  10. I am really intrigued. I am not able to imagine the flavors of this interesting dish because of those dumplings. 🙂

  11. Though you say it is simple, the thali looks so tempting…

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