Kebab Sauce

Food is not religion, it is culture! What one grows up being fed, picks up a liking for, and settles based on personal views – is called food! It is everyone’s individual/ personal choice. Like finger prints no two people can ever claim to like the same things for food  – a subset or super set may exist but no identical copies. In a world that aims free thinking, globalisation and peace, I hope there is never any ban or restriction on any one to consume “food of choice”. Rest all – Darwin already clarified years ago….”survival of the fittest”, so let the fitter fight its own battle!

Years ago, when I first saw the schworma – meat on a rotiserrie, I got a knot in my stomach. I was about 2 feet away from the place looking at the only food option available at 8 PM in middle of -1 centigrade cold freezing night. Place – Ludwika, Sweden. My colleague who could put crawling insects in his mouth as food, understood my apprehension and said – it is a delicacy for those who eat meat, others are not fed until they ask for it. You ask what you want here.I looked around and saw everyone had their plates full of meat steaks and french fries. So I ordered french fries.The waiter served them with a small cup of white sauce. The year was 2001, cream cheese dip was not a household option back then so it did not struck me. I did not look at the sauce and kept to my fries alone. My colleague happily took my share of sauce to smother his meat. After 30 straight days of french fries  for lunch and dinner, I asked the server, what is the sauce called- and whether he had a tomato ketchup. The waiter said in an arabic soudning tone – “Kebab sauce” eat it , mayo and garlic and cheese- yummy. I took that cup and dipped into using a finger…I was sold…the garlic, was something I missed the most. I kept wondering why kabab was called as Kebab and why we never served our kababs with this deliciously creamy white sauce ever… It was everywhere after that…..on pizzas, in wraps, on roasted chicken, raosted potatoes inside burgers …everywhere and I was never tired of it…. I even warmed up to the thought of schwarma, though I never had any meat outside of India easily, I accepted that it is someone’s food. I learnt how difficult it was to get the right slice of meat ripped off at the right time.  For the buffet on your table…we are starting with our 3rd week and it is condiments…the right opportunity to share something like this..


1 cup mayonnaise
1 tspn garlic powder
1 tbsp cream cheese (optional)
1 tbsp lemon juicesalt to taste
Paprika (optional)
1) Blend all the ingredients together and store in a air tight container. Use this on sandwiches, wraps or to dip some finger food


15 responses to “Kebab Sauce

  1. So true & enjoyed reading you adventure with this sauce. The food we never wanted to taste few years ago becomes the favorite food after a while. I am glad you asked for ketchup & found this kebab sauce. Looks yummy.

  2. Loved reading ur post… I can totally relate to how things were when I was new to US…

  3. Kebab sauce looks interesting.Nice to read your experience.

  4. Interesting read and a delicious sauce!!

  5. First time here..u have a wonderful space with mouthwatering recipes and pics…Happy to follow you Visit mine as time permits…
    home delivery restaurants in laxmi nagar

  6. Interesting write up. The sauce sounds yumm too.

  7. Interesting read and delicious sauce.

  8. Nice read and I love this sauce!..

  9. Love the color and nice texture.

  10. loved reading your experience.. lovely sauce with mayo

  11. Have seen store bought kebab sauce but never knew that we can make it at home, thanks for sharing..

  12. OMG, my mouth's watering just reading the ingredients — will definitely make this kebab sauce.

  13. Experiences like those make us cherish the things we take for granted I guess. I don't like eating even garlic and so I go thru plenty of such experiences when we go out.
    However glad that you were able to get acquainted with a sauce that you eventually fell in love with.

  14. So true food is a culture. Loved reading your experience with the sauce. As fro the sauce its getting made.

  15. your intro was so funny – here in ny we are exposed to so many different kinds of foods from a young age that trying something new and different is pretty normal, even for kids.
    there is no way I would've been afraid to eat the white sauce although if it is crawling or I dont know what type of meat it is I am apprehensive of those

    also here people eat out more often – partial is cultural but also I think our food hygeine laws are better so people rarely get sick and arent afraid to eat out

    in fact my mom is the other way around because she heard of so many problems of people getting sick in India when she was there she became a Vegetarian and wouldn't eat any meat there

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