Travelogue of a foodie – Germany

Continuing my free thinking write ups- for the penultimate day of buffet on the table, I share a glimpse of my travel story this year.

This year germany was my second home owing to my work. While I have been to this country before, this time knowing I had more time to explore , I focussed on the food…Ofcourse!

Germany was an important chapter in social sciences growing up for good and not very good reasons. The food story is no different, while  always heard about the weird birthday ceremonies in germany about cutting raw meat for cake I also know the world thrives on the cake that resembles the deep dark snow covered heidelberg forests.

During summers you will find beautiful flowers all around the town. Most people have their own gardens. Their engineering and achieving perfection skills are pretty evident even in their gardening .

Like most other countries of our age, Germany has moved on from their staple food of sausage and rye breads onto the sushis and kebabs and even biryani and curries.

Experiencing food in the smaller cities of towns is different from that of having it in big cities. So in Dusseldorf, food is pretty rustic, most people do eat at home, cook their own meals.

Duesseldorf below…

There is ample to eat by the river – fish, chinese and many more..

And like most places the city skyline looks lot different than the towns..


The influence of other european neighbouring countries is also pretty apparent in their meals.
While making rye breads is pretty comon , making wonderful bread as below is common for breakfasts. A friend of mine had invited me over to his place, when I shared the picture of this bread. He mentioned that he can recreate it for me at his home and eventually did as well. Sadly I could not get the recipe for it.
You will also notice the crackers named fitness brot which talks much about their passion for fitness.
In my opinion, they wont mind skipping bathing but missing a day of their gym means a lot of stress throughout the day.

Considering their passion for fitness, it is quite amusing to notice the amount of cheese they consume. Swiss provides them most of their milk products atleast down south. Otherwise, it comes from France and Netherlands as well.

You can also notice a lot of pasta and pizza varieties obviously coming from the southern neighbours – Italy.
This guy was happy to know that I would be posting his picture on my blog and happily took a pose. He works for restaurant at Munich’s Olympic park. Go check out his food when you visit this place next time.

I was fond of the variety of honey used in their regular cooking. I did not quite follow the details shared by the chef I enquired with, but I used to notice that many localites preferred to chew their honey from the honey comb sheet directly. The beewax has medicinal properties apparently – which was strange info, as we are often warned from consuming it. I did try it and loved the chewy juicy sweet liquid from the honey comb.

It does look attractive – isn’t it.

A bit of scandinavian influence is seen with the sweet jellies and jams. Apricots and peaches are popular fruits for making jams.

And the famous sausages and cold cuts are popular meal option round the day

And all of this goes inside the breads. The good part about eating sandwiches in Germany is that they are well seasoned and thus tasty.

And we cannot end the journey in Germany unil we get a taste of the pretzels…
The authentic soft pretzels..are available for breakfasts as well as midnight snacks..

Spotting a pattiserie in towns is not that common…although it is pretty common sight in cities…I managed to spot one though…But you will find plenty of bakeries serving fresh breads.

 I had a different kind of Tiramisu at Radisson’s which bore no resemblance to the Italian version. It did not have the soft sponge biscuits but a cake base, overload of alcohol, but that tasted really nice, and topped with almond and pistachio biscotti..

Now a bit of city tour…

Munich Royal Castle …on a rainy day

Munich University…

For the love of engineering and cars – a visit to Stuttgart where the world pride for automobiles reside – the mercedes, the porsche and bmws…

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12 responses to “Travelogue of a foodie – Germany

  1. Nice capture Pradnya!! Even more excited to move there and explore everything!!! 🙂 🙂

  2. Ahhh those cheese.. I want some. Love cheese and crackers. Yet to explore Europe

  3. Wow Pradnya, thanks for the wonderful tour..loved reading through the post..that honeycomb looks excellent!

  4. that is such a nicely written post!!! love the clicks…

  5. It is interesting to know Germans scoop honey directly from the honeycomb. Enjoyed reading your virtual tour.

  6. Interesting post . All the food photos are tempting.

  7. Such a lovely post Pradnya. Love the pics you have taken and the food that you have shown.

  8. Very interesting write up. Lovely pictures and experiences.

  9. That honeycomb picture is torturing me..all those foods are fantastic and loved your clicks, lovely post again.

  10. Wow, love your virtual tour of Germany. Food and the sights look sooo good.

  11. Thats a nice post , brings back old memories of this country, ah now i feel like digging in our pics !

  12. Loved the virtual tour. 4 of my cousins live in Germany and one of them is in Dusseldorf.

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